Sattelkompass Comfort Pro pad

Prijs € 1.500,00

For a long time we have tested and thinked, now we are more than satisfied! Our treeless saddle pad Comfort Pro offers absolute proximity to the horse with maximum comfort for horse and rider. The structure and the gullet provide the necessary stability without restricting the flexibility of a saddle pad. The cut and structure as well as the anatomic knee braces provide a safe and comfortable ride. You can not sit on the horse any closer or more comfortably. The latex PRO cushions are anatomically cut and ensure optimum pressure distribution even without a tree. We have made pressure measurements up to a rider weight of 90 kg and are absolutely thrilled. We have been able to achieve an absolutely even pressure distribution with minimum pressure. Our tried and tested Trapez muscle freedom and our innovative shoulder freedom also provide our saddle cushion for maximum comfort for the horse. This combination allows the horse to move much freer, healthier and without any impairment from the shoulder. This greatly expands the possibilities of movement of the forehand both in width and height.

Of course, our saddle pad is made of the best calfskin and can be made on request in all colors as our saddles.

  • Treeless
  • Innovative shoulder freedom
  • Prominent anatomical knee braces
  • Half-saddle seat
  • Integrated trapezoid muscle freedom
  • Wide spinal canal
  • Freedom of the Spirit through integrated gullet iron
  • anatomical latex PRO cushions for optimal pressure distribution
  • Very short contact surface
  • Best calf leather
  • Different colors
  • Seating sizes: 16 “, 16,5”, 17 “, 17,5”, 18 “