Sattelkompass Horsemate Anatomic Pro

Prijs € 2,500.00

In the new HORSEmate “Anatomic Pro”, our entire experience and all our know-how is at stake. It has been developed to the latest veterinary knowledge, is extremely horse-friendly and very comfortable for the rider. The saddle is made of high quality calfskin leather and can be adapted to the horse again and again. The head can be adjusted mechanically infinitely as well as exchanged.

  • Completely adjustable and interchangeable
  • Synthetic saddle tree
  • Wollgefüllte französische Druckentlastungskissen (Sandwich-Konstruktion) mit sehr großer Aufflagefläche. Alternativ sind auch anatomische Latex-Kissen erhältlich.
  • Anatomical knee brace under the saddle blade allows flexible riding of the rider
  • Integrated trapezoid muscle freedom
  • Easy to pad up (directly on the horse)
  • Wide spinal canal
  • Half-saddle seat with central seat center
  • Seat sizes 16 “, 16,5”, 17 “, 17,5”, 18 “, 18,5”)
  • Different colors