Sattelkompass Horsemate Enjoy Pro

Prijs € 2,600.00

The HORSEmate Enjoy Pro more than just meets its name. Sit and enjoy! This exceptionally comfortable saddle has been designed for intensive riding and offers both horse and rider maximum comfort. The wide, soft and freely suspended pressure-relief cushions in sandwich construction guarantee an optimal pressure distribution, especially during long riding periods. This model comes as standard with the new patented Smooth Adjustment System (SAS system), which allows you to easily change the chamber width yourself. The mounted knee braces convey a very secure riding feeling. All round an absolute top saddle for the ambitious rider.

  • Smooth Adjustment System (SAS system)
  • Central seat center
  • Anatomical knee pads for secure support
  • Wollgefüllte französische Druckentlastungskissen (Sandwich-Konstruktion) mit sehr großer Aufflagefläche. Alternativ sind auch anatomische Latex-Kissen erhältlich.
  • Maximum freedom for shoulder and trapezium muscles
  • Flexible synthetic saddle tree
  • Slim waist for very good side control
  • Two saddle flaps
  • Short contact surface
  • Best calf leather
  • Seat sizes 16 “, 16,5”, 17 “, 17,5”, 18 “, 18,5”)
  • Different colors