Sattelkompass Physioflex Bikar

Prijs € 2,800.00

The healthcare saddle for icelandic horses.

Our physiioflex saddles take into account the physiological characteristics of the female pelvis: a widened seating area in the rear area of ​​the pelvic bones and at the same time narrower tailoring in the shoulders. This allows a physiologically correct position of the pelvis and thus a balanced seat for the finest helps. In addition, our newly developed Flexbaum combines maximum flexibility with maximum stability. The Flexbaum is fully flexible in the longitudinal as well as in the transverse direction, but it is dimensionally stable so that its shape and size are not changed. It adjusts itself physiologically correct to the movement of the horseback and thereby ensures an optimal pressure distribution of the rider weight. The holistic solution for horse and rider!

PS: Men also feel very comfortable in the Physioflex saddles!

  • Completely adjustable and interchangeable
  • Physiologically correct full-plastic Flexbaum with narrow waist as well as widened seat area in the area of ​​the seat leg bumpers
  • Wollgefüllte französische Druckentlastungskissen (Sandwich-Konstruktion) mit sehr großer Aufflagefläche. Alternativ sind auch anatomische Latex-Kissen erhältlich.
  • Prominent anatomical knee brace under the saddle blade
  • Integrated trapezoid muscle freedom
  • Easy to pad up (directly on the horse)
  • Wide spinal canal
  • Deep seat with central seat center
  • Seat sizes 16 “, 16,5”, 17 “, 17,5”, 18 “, 18,5”)
  • Doubling calf leather
  • Different colors