Sattelkompass Physioflex Gear

Prijs € 3,400.00

Physioflex meets Gear from the Igelsburg!

The Physioflex Gear is equipped with our new Physioflex XT tree. This innovative saddle tree has of course the narrow sidecut and widened seat area to relieve the ischial tuberosity like all Physioflex models. In addition, the seat was formed even deeper, to bring the rider even closer to the horse, without restricting his ability to move. We are particularly proud that we were able to design this model for Gear from the Igelsburg. Gear, bred by Carola Krokowski and owned by Sina Günther, is an exceptional stallion who won 2017 the Bund premium, became Champion of Championships and successfully represented Germany at the 7 year old and older at the World Championships in Oirschot ,

The Physioflex Gear is a top-class saddle that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality, comfort for horse and rider and looks.
The saddle provides maximum comfort to the horses through our integrated trapezius muscle freedom and greatly enhances the range of motion of the forehand both in width and height. The cushions are cut back in the shoulder area, so that the horses can move much freer, healthier and without any impairment from the shoulder.
The deep seat and the under the formed saddle sheet Pausche give the rider optimal grip, even in horses with strong movement.
For even more comfort, the saddle leaves are upholstered and lined with the best calf leather. The protective edge in the lower area has been specially optimized for riding with boots.
In addition, the saddle with a contact surface of only about 42 cm with a seat size of 17,5 “is extremely short and therefore also ideally suited for problem horses.


  • PhysioFlex XT plastic saddle tree
  • Innovative shoulder freedom
  • Close-contact system
  • shaped saddle with lower knee brackets
  • Lifelong changeability
  • Integrated trapezoid muscle freedom
  • Wide vertebral canal and high resistance to withers
  • Semi-deep dressage seat
  • Wollgefüllte französische Druckentlastungskissen (Sandwich-Konstruktion) mit sehr großer Aufflagefläche. Alternativ sind auch anatomische Latex-Kissen erhältlich.
  • Very short contact surface
  • Central seat center
  • Best calf leather
  • Different colors
  • Seating sizes: 16 “, 16,5”, 17 “, 17,5”, 18 “, 18,5”