Verslag WK


🤩What a week🤩

We are back home from the World Championships for Icelandic Horses in Oirschot. And what a blast it was!

For me, this was the first time to organise an event like this, together with a big brand, EQUES Equipment

We have been working on and preparing this event from November. We have selected and created Team IJslandersport with care. It turned out to be the best team for this event. One by one, they have used their talents and skills for the work that was necessary. I am still so happy about them using their creativity and work ethics to the fullest.

I am extremely grateful for my team, Team IJslandersport. I am also extremely grateful for Team Eques, who have been amazing too. Working together and setting up, decorating everything, putting things into place, working out new ideas, discussing what would be perfect. We managed, I believe. I am so proud of what we made and stood for. High end products, designed with style, in a shop that feels like home. Where our customers were able to sit on the couch, have a coffee, watch the livestream and have a chat with us. We had many conversations with customers about the saddles, the differences in trees, and the way they are built up. So nice to see people are so interested in our products and the philosophy behind it!

And then of course I would not have been able to go somewhere like this for 9 days , if I didn’t have people at home taking care of the horses. Thank you Rosanne, Corrie and Sanne for that.

Furthermore I want to thank everyone who was involved in this.

Team IJslandersport

Familie Riphagen
Bert & Adriënne
Team Eques
Rasmus & Theresa

And of course thank YOU for stopping by, giving us compliments, having a chat, buying products. We loved it and we had a great time. I hope you did too. For now, it’s time for a few days off and look back on a great event, that will stay in our memories for ever.

We already miss being together with the team, having breakfast together on the campsite, drinking rosé in the evening at the parties, and just supporting each other in everything. And you know you have the best staff when they even go to work when they have a day off 🤣

❤️See you next time❤️

Best regards