Eques Memory Foam Pad – Anti-slip

Prijs € 160,00

EQUES memory foam pad is the ultimate combination of gel and soft shock-absorbing foam. The thickness of the shock-absorbing center of memory foam is 3 cm and ensures flexibility and a dynamic customization to the back of the horse which increases the freedom of movement during riding. Furthermore, the high degree of adaption ensures an optimal pressure distribution.

The gel layer on top secures the position of the saddle on the pad. The soft fabric on the bottom side has a discrete gel-print pattern which gently contribute to maintain the position of the saddle during riding.

In the front the pad is split so that the back of the horse can work freely without pressure from the pad.

Sizes: Onesize – horisontal length: 58 cm, thickness: 3 cm

Care: Wash by hand in lukewarm water and mild detergent

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